The Viaskin® peanut patch
10 juin 2014

DBV-Technologies – taking much-needed action against some of the commonest food allergies

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It has been something of a mystery why certain allergies have become so much more common over the past few decades. Nonetheless, with stories seemingly appearing almost every day in the press, telling us of tragic deaths caused by allergic reactions to everyday foodstuffs, it is obvious that action needs to be taken quickly. If you visit , you’ll see what one firm is doing to try to find a solution to this problem.

The Viaskin® peanut patch

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DBV-Technologies is working on a range of innovative ‘patches’ which target specific allergic reactions. One such patch is the viaskin milk patch, which aims to deal with the issue of cow’s milk protein allergy. This particular allergy affects as many as 3% of young children and can create difficulties in relation to diet, as well as giving rise to more obvious symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea and urticaria.

The Viaskin® peanut patch, meanwhile, has been developed to provide a safer way of increasing the immune system’s tolerance of peanut in sufferers of this allergy. Other methods of ‘desensitization’ can be dangerous, as they may trigger an anaphylactic shock in the patient. This solution’s non-invasive approach greatly reduces the likelihood of this happening.