Is peanut allergy ruining your life? Maybe DBV-Technologies can help!

Peanut allergy is one of the health scourges of the modern world. Huge numbers of people across the globe are affected by this particular food allergy, the consequences of which can be deadly. The DBV Technologies’ internet site will definitely be of interest to anyone who suffers from this kind of allergy, not to mention egg and milk allergies, as this French firm is currently exploring a new technique targeting just these allergies.

The Viaskin patch comes in several versions, as well as peanut, including egg and cow’s milk


Peanut allergy, like cows’ milk protein allergy, often affects children. In the past, traditional immunotherapy treatments like injections, have been difficult to administer to young children. What makes DBV-Technologies’ solution, the Viaskin patch (see below), so different, is its completely pain-free application. The patch contains an allergen in powdered form, and is placed on the arm. A condensation chamber promotes hydration and a build-up of water forms, solubilizing the dry powder and enabling it to pass through the skin. This avoids the issue that plagued older techniques – of direct delivery into the patient’s bloodstream, which carried with it the risk of anaphylactic shock. By wearing the patch for longer and longer periods of time, the patient should become ‘tolerized’ to the antigen in question.