Taillardat – French furniture at its most stylish!

There is a treasure trove of stylish furniture designs to be found at www.taillardat.fr for anyone who values top craftsmanship and French-inspired design.

Taillardat produces a raft of luxury furniture items for all needs, with chairs and armchairs being a particular speciality of theirs. In the dedicated chairs section (http://www.taillardat.fr/collection-chaises-en.php) you’ll see designs that have clearly been much influenced by the classic pieces of the Louis XV, Louis XVI and Regency periods. These styles will particularly suit large homes and more flamboyant tastes. Taillardat produce furniture for all areas of the house, especially living areas, bedrooms and dining rooms.

An empire lounge table like the Hortense model makes for an attractive feature in a living room

Source: www.taillardat.fr

The company also makes many different styles of table. These encompass anything from console tables, bedside, lounge and pedestal tables, larger desks, and low lounge tables like the one pictured beneath.

The Hortense table is an Empire-style design, inspired by the furniture of the Napoleonic period. Its mahogany construction makes it hard-wearing and beautiful as well as practical – Taillardat places great emphasis on the quality of the materials it uses in its designs.